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 Tianjin Hengyong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.  

Announcement of rename


The members of the Board and the Company guarantee that the announcement is free from any false information, misleading statement or material omission. 
    As the original company name Tianjin Hengyong Rubber Hose Co.,Ltd. is tobe renovated, the new Company name is Tianjin Hengyong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.



Address: Room 636, Junlintianxai Building, Boai Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, China
Postal Code: 300000

Tel.: 022-87770668 (unchanged) 
Fax.: 022-87770669 (unchanged) 
The above is for the attention of the shareholders. 

                               Tianjin Hengyong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.  

                                          Board of Directors 
                                            July 07, 2015